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International degree course in make-up, hair and costume styling – After this course – candidate can work as – freelance make up artist, associate with a make-up brand, make-up teacher, bridal – fashion make-up artist. Nationally and internationally as well.Syllabus

  • Introduction to professional make-up.
  • Principles of make-up application.
  • Creating design plan for make-up, hair. Mood board creation.
  • How to create different bridal looks specific to the bridal looks specific to the brides customs, traditions and
    religions. For example – Christian bride, Hindu bride, Muslim bride. Further understanding of various brides like – Sindhis, Marwaris, Gujrathis, other sub caste to plan timings, giving schedules to clients, preparing work sheets. Managing bigger make-up events.
  • Fantasy and illusionary make-up. Which will help you to independently work on fashion shoots, shows, beauty peagents, films, television and other media.
  • Camouflage make-up.
  • Make-up for black and white photo
  • Monochromatic m-up.
  • Work place organisation.
  • Understanding correct lighting.
  • What is HD makeup? What is HD photography? What is correct lighting ? and why it is so important while doing makeup.
  • Client consultation – integral part of success! Understanding exact bridal needs. How to give quotations? How to give bridal trials? free? paid?
  • Personal branding – Understand the crux of marketing your skills. How to attract more clients? Why “RIGHT”
    digital marketing is important in today’s world?
  • Knowledge of colours – practically. Understand uses and application of right colours from foundation to
    lipsticks as per client’s skin tone and personality.
  • Knowledge of right cleansers, skin / makeup preps and primers as per skin type.
  • Knowledge and list of professional tools, brushes, beauty blenders, sponges etc…and there right uses. How to clean brushes without spoiling its quality?
  • Makeup practicals will include knowledge about Kryolan range of different base / foundations. We will throughly cover the exact method of creating a flawless base / foundation. What are lining colours and their uses? How to cover discolouration, skin imperfections, pigmentation and under eye circles. Use of skin correctors.
  • Right method of Eyebrow grooming.
  • Different types of eye makeups – Glamourous, contemporary, smokey, shimmery, 2/ 3/ 4 colour blending,
    fish tail / cat eyes for retro look etc…
  • Different types of eyeliner applications and selection of right colours.
  • Mascara – types, methods and applications. Kohl defining patterns and colours.
  • Blushers / Roughes – application, blendings, colour choice, correct positioning, sweeps/ blends , highlighting , mixing of roughes.
  • Face countouring/ modulation/ cutting – right technique for different face shapes.
  • Fixing of false lashes.
  • Lipstick blending/ applications. Lip shaping, creating colour shades.
  • Study of face shapes – bones, muscles, shape of face, types of eyes, lips, skin colours in general.