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Pre-Wedding & Pre Bridal Packages Information

Everything You Need to Know About Pre Bridal / Pre wedding packages

Q 1 What are pre-bridal packages or pre-bridal treatments? When do they start?

(Asked by our bride Nivedita Satav )

Kalyani’s Ans  –  Pre Bridal packages start almost 6 months to 1 year prior to the wedding depending upon the requirements of the brides. How they want to maintain their skin. Do they have skin tan or acne or post acne marks or acne pits. Therefore we at Impression Bridal Studio analyze it and create a package suitable to that particular bride.


Q 2 What are Pre-wedding packages? Are they different?

(Asked by our bride Maithili Joshi )

Kalyani’s Ans – Certainly! Pre wedding packages are the one which brides opt for just 4 to 5 days before the wedding which includes head-to-toe treatments or a customized one as per that individual brides need. It includes full body waxing, facials/glow treatments, Body spa, Mani-pedicure, etc…They should be different from regular salon services as it’s a special day for the bride. She has to look the best in all her ceremonies with or without make-up.


Q 3  Is it compulsory to do a pre bridal package or a pre-wedding package?

(Asked by our bride Tanaya Oak )

Kalyani’s Ans – Nothing is compulsory if you ask me. but if you consider the bride’s grooming and her relaxation as an important aspect to add beauty to her personality. Then good salon services are a must.


Q 4  Many salons offer a fixed pre-bridal and a pre-wedding package. Is it right?

(Asked by our bride Babita Shah)

Kalyani’s Ans – Absolutely NOT!!! As one size does not fit all, no same package will do justice to an individual. 

An expert Beautician or Aesthetician will always

(i) Speak with the client 

(ii) Analyze her skin

(iii) Give her a treatment plan

(iv) Write down a diet for her

(v) Give her proper homecare advice.

It’s always better to go to an expert Aesthetician or Beautician and then plan your pre bridal or pre wedding treatments. But don’t ever go for pre decided packages for Pre-bridal treatments.


Q 5 What products are best for Bride’s skin?

(Asked by our bride Kalika Gujar )

Kalyani’s Ans –  Any products which are proven for years together are best for Bride’s skin. We use O3, Shahnaz, Janseen ( Germany ), Blossom Kocchar Aroma Magic, Few more organic brands, Cheryls, Natural ingredients like fruits or Ayurvedic extracts for our bride’s facials.

For body polishing, we offer an economy range and also a premium range of services.

Products for Body Spa- Aroma Treasures, Body Shop ( U.K. )

According to me Cheap and best will never exist! So you cannot expect “best of the best” treatments at cheap rates.

If somebody is offering you so, then definitely there is some goof up. 


Q 6 What are the exact important and necessary services for a bride? In the salon / before the wedding.

(Asked by our bride Shubhangi Darode)

Kalyani’s Ans – Even though everybody, including me, will always say that all basic services like waxing, facial, mani-pedicure, threading and hair spa are a must for a bride still if somebody does not have a budget or have less time available then at least a good hair spa and facial is a must. The bride should at least spare a good amount and 2 to 3 hours for these services.

A good relaxing body massage, foot massage and head massage will add an extremely relaxed feel to the bride.


Q 7 I am a bride and I will be doing make-up only for 1 event from a professional make-up artist. There are few small functions at home where I will get ready myself. Can you give me a few tips on how I can look the best?

(Asked by our bride Anchal Narang)

Kalyani’s Ans – Here comes the role of a good salon service in the form of pre bridal or pre wedding treatments. You as a bride will have to make a smart and right choice of quality salon services. Most of the brides don’t do make-up for small house hold events prior to or after the wedding, but if you achieve good skin and deep relaxation through your prior services then just a little foundation and lipstick will give you that bridal glow.

Even when you go for a honeymoon, if you have taken the right skincare, your skin will glow without make-up in all your photographs.


Q 8 I am having my wedding next month. I have not got enough time to do my pre bridal services but I have booked a professional bridal make-up artist in pune for all my events. Do I still need facial or pre wedding / bridal services?

(Asked by our bride Radhika Kulkarni)

Kalyani’s Ans – As a make-up artist, I always believe that your skin speaks through your make-up. Skin and hair well taken care of will glow differently and definitely. So try to do at least 1 or 2 sessions with 15-21 days span right away.

Scientific Approach – Our skin or eyes will always throw out foreign bodies/anything new. So as a bride try practicing lenses if you are new to it. Use best quality face masks, moisturizers, sunscreens, night creams for your skin to replenish. If you do so it will help make-up stay longer, fresh, without cracking. If your skin is new to products it will start throwing out.


Q 9  Is skin bleach or body bleaching a must as a bride? I have never done bleach in my entire life. I am a bit afraid. Please guide me.

(Asked by our bride Swapnaja Potnis)

Kalyani’s Ans – It’s a big myth that bleaching the face or body is compulsory for a bride. Bleaching only makes hair golden / lighter and slightly invisible. Apart from it it just temporarily shows skin to be a little cleaner and fresher. So if you don’t have facial hair avoid bleach. If you are fair. It’s best to avoid something new just before the wedding.

Important – In case you still want to get bleaching done then ask your salon expert to take a patch test behind ears – wait for 24 hours to 48 hours after the test. Then decide if you don’t get rashes or irritation. To end with – Bleaching is not Compulsory for a bride.


Q 10  Can I do a body scrub or body polishing immediately after waxing? Also for a face?

(Asked by our bride Meenal Kadam)

Kalyani’s Ans – Ideally avoid it immediately as sometimes scrub granules irritate the skin. So the best way is to use a gentle scrub first. Wash it and then wax the skin ( body only ). OR get your waxing done a day prior and then keep a 24 hours gap. Then do a full body scrub.

For face waxing – Never ever scrub and wax on the same day. As facial skin is soft and gentle. Sometimes after scrubbing or waxing it becomes more sensitive. So get your face waxing done at least 48 to 24 hours before facial or face clean etc…

Super tip – Never try new things for the face just before the wedding. Especially face wax. Try it 2 to 3 times before in the span of 6 months. This will give you a clear idea about how your skin responds.


Q 11  I don’t have a budget issue. Which will be the best facial for my skin. Its combination. No pimples, no pigmentation. I want the best results.

(Asked by our bride Pushpa Joshi)

Kalyani’s Ans –  Best facial that I have experienced so far is Janseen ( Made in Germany )

Most of the premium salons do that. It’s a German formulated brand and manufactured in Germany, Not German formulation and manufactured in other countries. The best part is it’s a high nutrition treatment for the skin. No rashes or allergies are caused as it’s meant for “hypoallergenic skin” so very rare chances of allergies. The company does not use any harsh chemicals, bleach, etc…in the products.

  • Price range – 4500Rs to 7500Rs ( Including face, decollite and back treatment)
  • Now in 2021, we charge 4500Rs ( For members ) and 5000 Rs (for non-members) at our salon.
  • Generally salon charges area-wise. the same facials at A++ or at ultra glam brands will charge 6000Rs – 7000Rs plus.

We maintain the same hygiene and therapy protocols and offer them at the above price. 


Q 12  Are diamond facials, gold facials, silver facials really useful?

(Asked by our bride Jayshree Bawadekar)

Kalyani’s Ans – It’s the biggest blunder the cosmetic market has created with these names. No gold or diamond particle will penetrate the skin. Rather nothing can penetrate the skin. Even water that is H2O has oxygen will not penetrate our skin or else we all would have bulged up after bathing. Our skin pore is much smaller than the molecular structure/potency of the metal. so no metal or cosmetic containing metal can enter skin without the help of a machine or injection. Yes, there are few good companies that formulate products based on the properties of gold. There is a method, a technique to use it. Few premium companies provide gold gel to be used with ultrasonic machines or galvanic machines. a few have gold sheet masks. So there is a lot of theory to be understood before choosing a product – for a salon or a practicing aesthetician.

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