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Professional Makeup Artists in Pune

Why should you hire a professional & an experienced makeup artist?

In the contemporary state-of-the-art lifestyle and healthy glamour practices, hiring a makeup artist for a momentous occasion is an anticipated custom. But, do you wonder if you’re following the convention satisfactorily and whether it’s kindling happiness within you? Kalyani Umrani, the Director of Impression Hair and Makeup Studio, truly believes that a professional makeup artist should practice authentic makeup and styling practices so that the client is fully satisfied.

Through the expertise of Kalyani Umrani, you choose to hire the best makeup artist in Pune, and smoothly revel in special occasions. You should hire a professional & experienced makeup artist because of the expertise they carry in makeup practices along with hair styling and draping. In addition to their expertise, professional makeup artists bring a diverse product range to your service. We are aware that all customers are neither aware nor hold access to premium quality products for personal use, thus professional makeup artists bring pizazz to the table with an eclectic product range that helps create unique looks.

Makeup’s definitions have changed tremendously over the past few decades, especially being aligned with Bollywood’s fashion culture and clients have reinvented the demand patterns. For instance, if Bollywood’s adored actress Anushka Sharma wears a floral bun for her wedding in Italy, customers would like to adopt the same style at their wedding.

Booking makeup artists in Pune from local makeup studios might result in an inept experience while a proficient makeup artist will also be conscious of applying the right product to the relevant skin zone on your face due to astute knowledge of the T-zone and C-zone.

Why should you hire us?

Impression Hair & Beauty Clinic by Kalyani Umrani aims to achieve impeccable beauty standards and refrains from delivering imperfect beauty presentations.

  • Experience – When you hire an expert like Kalyani Umrani, who possesses 26 years of experience in delighting 10,000 + brides, you choose the liberty to leave anxiety and enjoy experiencing your special moments without limitations.
  • Illuminated Studio – A makeup studio portrays its quality through the well-maintained premises and the best makeup artist in Pune aims to curate a healthy beauty ambience dedicated to self-care and hygienic clinical practices. Impression Hair & Beauty Clinic’s Makeup Studio is equipped with ample lightening appliances and impressive mirrors that create a wholesome experience.

We offer clients the flexibility to visit our makeup studio or book us for a venue visit for weddings.

Makeup studio in pune
  • Products – Embellishing products externally is easy but the crux of good service is to use authentic branded products on hair and skin. Impression Hair & Makeup Studio by Kalyani Umrani has professional makeup artists in Pune who wield tools and cosmetics of the following brands:

💄 NARS Cosmetics

💄 Bobby Brown

💄 Fenty Beauty

💄 Natasha Denona


💄 Huda Beauty

💄Charlotte Tilbury

💄 Gucci Foundations

💄 Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez

💄 Urban Decay

💄 Temptu Airbrush

References – During the foundational years of Impression Hair & Beauty Clinic magazines were a premier source of taking references to fulfill the requirements of clients. But, during the contemporary vogue of the beauty industry Pinterest, Instagram and Google have become essential platforms to evaluate the work experience of a makeup artist. Director Kalyani Umrani is always open to discussions, new ideas, and challenges & aspires to create new looks on blissful clients. Refer to her Instagram account to marvel with joy

  • Vast Training Experience– Impression Makeup Studio, Salon, and International Academy has to leverage over other makeup artists in Pune because of its long tradition of equipping amateur makeup artist aspirants with valuable, high-end skills. At Impression, they are trained in every stage of beauty advancement with sincere practices and a well-rounded curriculum. Director Kalyani Umrani and her team of professionals have created some of the most proficient makeup artists in Pune who survived strongly during the pandemic too. We are an international school affiliated with CIDESCO Switzerland that establishes our proficiency in imparting knowledge and delivering unparalleled services.

Types of Services We Offer As Professional Makeup Artists in Pune

We believe in adapting modernized beauty culture and upgrading our techniques and tools without compromising on the quality on a routine basis helps us to ensure that we’re creating long-term strong bonds with our clients.

  • UNIQUE LOOK FOR EVERY EVENT – At Impression Hair & Makeup Studio, top makeup artists in Pune strive to create unique & charismatic looks for our makeup studio’s clientele. Whenever an individual books Impression to hire professional makeup artists in Pune for single or several events Impression Hair & Makeup Studio‘s staff ensures to provide distinct looks for each and every event. Director Kalyani Umrani has created mesmerizing looks for over 10000+ clients for the following events:

📍 Engagement Party Makeup

📍 Pre-wedding Photoshoot Makeup

📍 Haldi Ceremony Makeup

📍 Mehendi Ceremony Makeup

📍 Cocktail Party Makeup

📍 Vidhi/Phera/Varmala Makeup

📍 Evening Reception Makeup

We have been makeup partners for prestigious events in India.

  1. Hair & Makeup Partners for Femina Stylista
  2. Hair & Makeup Partners for Mr & Mrs. Pune

We undertake makeup styling for portfolio shoots too.

The aforementioned points portray an extensive and all-embracing portfolio, thus making it easier for you to trust us.

CLINICAL SOLUTIONS – As professional beauty practitioners we offer clinical treatments for skin 4 to 6 months prior to weddings. We cater to scientific clinical formulas to content our clients who reach us with various skin-related problems. Clinical treatments comprise Non-surgical Peels, Hydrating Facials, Whitening Face Treatments, Detanning of Face & Body, and Body Polishing.

VALUABLE ADVICE – Impression Hair & Beauty Clinic has gained the prestige of conducting exclusive beauty culture practices within and outside its physical premises. At Impression, the staff always suggests treatment considering the welfare of the clients rather than solely seeking monetary benefits. For example, they are conscious of the effects of chemicals on hair, therefore when applying hair color to a client’s roots and lengths, Impression’s team suggests coating only the grey parts without affecting the other area. This recommendation safeguards the health of your hair in the long run.

How to Prepare for Your Makeup?

Impression Beauty & Makeup Studio‘s Director Kalyani Umrani affirms, “Your skin speaks through makeup.” Therefore, her magnificent makeup studio upholds the tradition of carrying out genuine and beneficial routines before a special occasion. Makeup has to be done on prepared skin and Impression‘s top makeup artist in Pune advises to take the following measures:

👉 Regular Massages for Few or No Massages for Few

We’ve all heard that facial massage is a rejuvenating ritual that circulates the hormones and skin cells in an effective manner to enhance glow over the period. If your skin is habituated to regular circulation and muscle training the products will create a better impact with a naturalistic glow. Yet, after assessing a different skin type Kalyani Umrani might suggest not circulating the skin since she is conscious of the individualized care that needs to be provided to each client. Other makeup artists in Pune might suggest the conventional gold facial for a bride before her wedding but Director Kalyani Umrani believes that individualized care and attention has to be given to every client to satisfy them completely and make their special moments extra-special.

There are various skin types and Impression Studio’s artists believe that every client cannot be offered a fixed package without considering their skin’s need. Makeup artists at Impression give flexible services to fulfill your skin’s requirements.

👉 Seeking Beauty Therapists Instead of Dermatologists

We are aware of the concerns regarding acne and blemishes that arise before a momentous event and distress an individual. Impression Hair & Beauty Clinic is a safe beauty haven for all individuals who are concerned about skin problems like acne and seek plain, genuine, and straightforward advice and treatment. In such cases, it evidently becomes necessary to hire a professional beauty therapist rather than just a good makeup artist.

When an individual visits a Skin Doctor, they provide certain pills that are medically suitable but create a hormonal imbalance in the body of the consumer. Such chemical-induced substances later cause hindrance in conception. If one googles the contents of acne medicine and the contraceptive pill, they will discover that many of them are similar. Therefore, visiting a professional beauty therapist like Kalyani Umrani will benefit you abundantly through naturalistic practices that suit your skin type because unprepared skin will require more layers of makeup that can later cause worry over matters like early aging, etc.

Few of The Works of Our Top Hair Stylists & Top Makeup Artists in Pune

makeup artists in pune

A gorgeous bun with floral wreath.

professional makeup artist in pune

A gleeful bride with naturalistic makeup and floral accessories.

best makeup artist in pune

A detailed bun adorned with red petals.

Makeup artist in pune

Voluminous hair styling with bright makeup to compliment the pink outfit.

How much in advance should you book an appointment with us?

We ensure that we follow the best hygienic practices and challenge our creative ability by creating fresh and unique looks on our clients. Due to our dedicated practice, our team has the most famous makeup artists in Pune. Therefore, we suggest our clientele book our team for fixed dates 4 to 6 months prior to the event.

Sometimes clients arrive from abroad with spontaneous wedding plans, in such cases, we try our best to create ample time in our schedule so that they can book our professional team for weddings. Hence, we can be flexible with booking appointments but hope that clients reach out for bookings as early as possible.

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