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Body Polishing Packages

Special discount offers for the festive season.
Best for Brides and Her Family members who work hard on the wedding preparations. Relax, get treated from us. Glow and shine in and out.

  • Routine Clean up Body Scrub for full body.
    Time required – 45 mins. – 1250 Rs. ( Actual Cost 1800 Rs)
  • Elite Body Scrub – Body Shop (UK) original, vegan and organic,
    Time Required – 60 mins – 1700 Rs ( Actual Price 2400 Rs)
  • Exiler Body Scrub – Premium Body Shop (UK) original, vegan and organic,
    Time required – 75 Mins.  – 2100 Rs ( Actual Price 2600 Rs)
  • Deep Relaxing Body Massage – 60 mins – 1550 Rs
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage – 120 Mins – 2650 Rs.
  • Detox Body Mask with Naturopathy muds. Reduces Muscular Aches and pains, helps reduce toxins in body, makes skin fresh, smooth and soft. Reduces body odour. Cleans pores upto deeper level to remove sweat odour. – 1500 Rs ( Actual Cost – 2000 Rs)
  • Destress Body Spa – 3500 Rs. Includes Organic Body Scrub with a option of Aroma Body Massage or Detoxfying Body Mask.
  • Premium Body Polishing for Deep Skin colour with complete spa. Includes Body Massage with Rich Aroma Oils. A body detox mask with wrap. Reduces Tan upto 30% in one session. Organic and Vegan. 6500 Rs ( Time required – 4 to 4 and half hours) Includes Manicure and Pedicure too.