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Makeup Masters Diploma


Introduction to professional make-up.

Principles of make-up application.

Creating design plan for make-up, hair. Mood board creation.

How to create different bridal looks specific to the bridal looks specific to the brides customs, traditions and religions. For example – Christian bride, Hindu bride, Muslim bride. Further understanding of various brides like – Sindhis, Marwaris, Gujrathis, other sub caste to plan timings, giving schedules to clients, preparing work sheets. Managing bigger make-up events.

Camouflage make-up.

Make-up for black and white photo

Work place organisation.

● Understanding correct lighting.
● What is HD makeup? What is HD photography? What is correct lighting ? and why it is so important while doing makeup.
● Client consultation – integral part of success! Understanding exact bridal needs. How to give quotations? How to give bridal trials? free? paid?
● Personal branding – Understand the crux of marketing your skills. How to attract more clients? Why “RIGHT” digital marketing is important in today’s world?
● Knowledge of colours – practically. Understand uses and application of right colours from foundation to lipsticks as per client’s skin tone and personality.
● Knowledge of right cleansers, skin / makeup preps and primers as per skin type.
● Knowledge and list of professional tools, brushes, beauty blenders, sponges etc…and there
right uses. How to clean brushes without spoiling its quality?

Makeup practicals will include knowledge about Kryolan range of different base / foundations. We will throughly cover the exact method of creating a flawless base / foundation. What are lining colours and their uses? How to cover discolouration, skin imperfections, pigmentation and under eye circles. Use of skin correctors.

● Right method of Eyebrow grooming.
● Different types of eye makeups – Glamourous, contemporary, smokey, shimmery, 2/ 3/ 4 colour blending, fish tail / cat eyes for retro look etc…
● Different types of eyeliner applications and selection of right colours. n Mascara – types, methods and applications. Kohl defining patterns

makeup academy at fc road pune

● Blushers / Roughes – application, blendings, colour choice, correct positioning, sweeps/ blends , highlighting , mixing of roughes.
● Face countouring/ modulation/ cutting – right technique for different face shapes.
● Fixing of false lashes.
● Lipstick blending/ applications. Lip shaping, creating colour shades.
● Study of face shapes – bones, muscles, shape of face, types of eyes, lips, skin colours in general.