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Finest Beautician Course in Pune

Styling and Makeup are two rituals that not only encourage an individual’s choice of grooming, rather create an indulgence for a healthier and brighter state of mind. Upholding the culture of self-care and self-love, are you seeking the premier beautician course in Pune. Look no further, since Impression Makeup Studio, Salon and International Academy offers the finest beauty parlour course in Pune. They have created a flamboyant culture of beauty practices and curated a safe and educative environment for those who hope to pursue professional courses in makeup and skincare with sincere dedication.

How a Beautician Course can Help You Earn 365 Days

Since many people can be indecisive on enrolling in a beautician course in Pune, the following are a few of the myriad advantages of taking it up (especially during COVID):

👉🏼 Broaden Horizons of Social Interactions

Pursuing a beauty parlour course is an essential key to unlocking limitless opportunities of connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and creating harmonious relationships with clients.

👉🏼 Master Advanced Beauty Treatments from Home

Would you like to undertake an educative and exciting endeavor, but are encircled by responsibilities at home? Rest assured because the best beauty parlour course in Pune will not confine your aspirations to physical presence. At Impression Academy, we are conscious of your personal life and the importance to deliver quality education par excellence at the threshold of your comfort.

Unlike other academies providing one-time access to course material, Impression Academy prefers Learning Management System (LMS) to equip its student with unlimited access to premium notes in the form of high-definition videos of all treatments, which can be watched on any device ranging from your mobile to PC. All the videos are shot on a 4-K HD movie-quality camera for premium quality on any device.

To assess for yourself refer to our video which explains the entire course in detail  wherein Kalyani Umrani provides in-depth knowledge to create a career with panache.

👉🏼 A Dynamic Profession with Diverse Career Opportunities

Have you pondered the glamourous opportunities which will line up after you undertake a beautician course? After pursuing a beautician course in Pune you are bound to find employment in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, hair specialist, or even commence your own business. Impression Academy’s curriculum is designed in a way to facilitate your way into rightful salon management along with beauty and skincare.

If you are curious about opportunities post-covid, the careers in therapy, creativity, counseling, and marketing constitute the highly demanded and flourishing career domains, therefore a beautician course in Pune ‘s top academy is your golden opportunity to get into beauty therapy.

Why the Beautician Course offered by Impression International Academy is Best in Market

The benefits availed after completing a beauty parlour course in Pune are endless. One can seize momentous opportunities and become a professional beautician if they qualify for the same.

📌Pursuing a professional course from an established academy, imparting knowledge for more than 25 years will be advantageous to gain more clients post-certification.

📌Clients prefer to approach and get treatments from professionals who hold expertise in the beauty industry and have notable educational credentials in makeup and beauty therapy. Therefore, enrolling in Impression Academy’s high-yielding courses, which are based on an international curriculum to support your aspiration to travel and work abroad, will outshine your charismatic experience and result in higher client satisfaction.

📌Obtaining basic training through a local beautician course in Pune might seem like a quicker path to success in the industry, yet this tempting belief is false. Acquiring vigorous training through sophisticated tools and branded supplies, like provided at Impression Academy – namely, Blossom Kochhar Aroma magic and L’Oréal for student’s practice.

Enrolling in Impression Academy will equip you with expert techniques and valuable knowledge, conducive for a rewarding career.

Beautician Courses Offered by Impression International Academy

The various types of beautician courses in Pune provided at Impression Academy are presented below:




Professional Diploma in beauty, hair & spa

Advanced diploma in beauty, hair & salon management

3 months

+ 1 month Grace Period

5 months + 1 month Grace Period (if needed)

This professional course will equip you with dexterous skills through its 23 theory modules and 46 practical modules.

This course is designed for individuals who sincerely want to master international standards of beauty and aspire to start their ventures.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Enroll for Beautician Course in Pune

Should your aspirations be limited to your educational qualifications?

Impression Academy does not believe in that. Therefore, there is no prior level of educational qualification which is necessary for you to enroll in the best beauty parlour course in Pune. However, one shouldn’t underestimate the power and diligence required to complete a beautician course with high-yielding outputs since it requires a profound understanding of skin and hair anatomy.

Why is the curriculum of Impression Academy’s beautician courses regarded as the best?

Access Impression’s bold and extensive syllabus through the following links:

📍 Advanced beauty

Click Here To View or Download the Advanced Beauty Syllabus PDF File

📍 Basic

Click Here To View or Download the Basic Beauty Syllabus PDF File

Flexibility in Medium of Instruction

Language shouldn’t be an impediment to your presence in the beauty industry. Impression Academy is conscious of your beliefs and diversity. Therefore, you can opt to avail of the courses in Hindi, Marathi, or English.

📍Access to Unlimited Products

If an individual decides to invest in a beauty parlour course in Pune, they would hope to receive a quality and rewarding education. Unlike various beauty institutes, Impression does not compromise on the quality of training and products which are delivered to the students. In various academies, novices in beautician courses are provided with sample-sized local and cheap makeup products to practice, which later binds them to purchase new products themselves.

We give unlimited access to sophisticated and international cosmetics and other products like Rich Feel, Aroma magic, and L’Oréal for student’s practice. so that our trainees could get familiar with the best techniques and learn advanced formulas for client satisfaction.

📍 Wide Syllabus in Foundation Level Course

The advantage of enrolling in Impression Academy is that even our foundation-level courses are designed to impart thorough mastery over beauty practices, making us the premier institute for beautician courses in Pune since 1988.

📍 Winsome Infrastructure

Impression embraces healthy pedagogic practices and instills a harmonious and amicable environment among students. Students have access to a beautiful terrace garden, containing a refreshment and a locker area.

Wedding Makeup artist in Pune
Unlimited Access to high-quality Tools.
beauty parlour course in pune
Illuminated makeup room
hair spa therapy in pune
Personalized Practical
Professional Beauty & Makeup Artist
Unlimited access to Premium Products.

What are the Career Options After Completing the Beautician Course

There is a myriad of avenues to steer your career after a beautician course in Pune since a career in the beauty and wellness sector has become well reputed over the years and the job opportunities are endless. Following are a few of the many possibilities:

🎯 Become a Hair specialist

🎯 Become a Skin specialist

🎯 Become a Beauty Therapist

🎯 Become a Makeup Artist

🎯 Launch Your Own Business

🎯 Work on cruise

🎯 Work Abroad

🎯 Become a Salon Manager

🎯 Become a Sales Executive for a makeup brand

Frequently Asked Questions

How many months is a beauty Parlour course?

A beauty parlour course can range from a 3-month foundation level course to a 12-month professional Cosmetology course. At Impression Academy’s Cosmetology Course trainees can equip themselves with Spa therapy, Hair Therapy, Bridal Makeup and the latest treatments in skincare. Impression Academy’s expert advises that it is ideal to take an extensive course before undertaking bigger ventures like opening your own salon and if one isn’t sure that a beautician course is the right choice for them then a small course is a good start to understand your specializations and interest and learn the determination a beauty parlour course in Pune requires.

Which courses are offered at beautician institutes in Pune?

Beautician Courses offered in Pune at Impression Academy

We have regular diplomas that are beautician courses in:

  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Hair Styling
  • Bridal Makeup 1 week course

CIDESCO International Diplomas in:

  • Beauty Therapy
  • Body Therapy
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Media Makeup Specialization
  • Spa Therapy
  • Salon Management and Development

What qualifications do I need to be a beautician?

  • There is no minimum qualification required to pursue your passion for beauty and wellness.
  • Earlier graduating high school (12th) was required but now home schooling is preferred in the contemporary world and many people also opt for careers after 10th, therefore the age of 15-16 is preferred by most people.

What is the usual batch size and duration of the course at your academy?

  • The usual batch size is small that includes 6-12 students for beauty therapy, 11-22 for makeup and 10-20 for CIDESCO. This pattern focuses only on a couple of students so that unparalleled attention can be given to them.
  • The training sessions usually occur for 3 hours, 6 days a week.

Are the courses at your academy certified by any certifying body?

Various courses at Impression are certified by CIDESCO (World’s most prestigious diploma for aesthetics and beauty therapy) and ABTC (Leading educational body in India).

Apart from these Impression also has IHB (Sri Lanka’s best European Standard Hair and Beauty School) certified course and certain of Impression’s own certifications which are widely recognised.

What qualities should I possess to become a professional beautician?

A beautician should always have armor of their naturalistic beauty;

  • A welcoming smile
  • Dexterous hands
  • Pleasant social skills
  • An urge to give the best services


There is no social pressure to look a certain way to become a specialist in the beauty industry. A flair for managing salon with perseverance, good knowledge and authentic services will adorn your career for lifetime success.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Harshada Mankar
Harshada Mankar
Sania Kulkarni
Sania Kulkarni
I had taken a bridal package with impression studios that included salon services and bridal makeup ( air brush) by kalyani umrani. The whole experience was really good. The facials and other services were very nice. Makeup was top knotch. My other family members were also booked with this studio for HD and other makeup and salon services and we all had really great experience with impression studio team. For our particular case, we had our ceremonies starting at 8 30 am in the morning. So the impression studio team along with kalyani ma'am were present at the venue really early in the morning and we started the makeup by approx 5 -15am. This helpfulness and punctuality made our big day really smooth and we could enjoy all of it. All the salon services were by heart and me along with my family really loved the experience with Impression studio. I would highly recommend them for makeup and all the salon services. 🙂 🙂
Paridnya Puri
Paridnya Puri
I've been associated with this salon as a client for over 15 years and I've always got my money's worth over here. The staff is polite and professional. Kalyani Umarani gave me the right counsel to go for Cystein instead of keratin treatment to make my hair manageable without too much of chemical overdose. The treatment took around 6 hours but was worth it. Most importantly, I was sure about the originality of the products. Thank you, Kalyani ❤️ I'm glad I got the treatment done by the well trained beauticians at your salon. Highly recommend 👍
Ankita Creation
Ankita Creation
Actually posting toooo late the review about impression Makeup studio..Though since long I am thinking for posting the review. I experienced the service with my daughter when we both have participated in a Pageant Bizqueen.. For consecutive 2 days we all participants were at the studio since morning 8 am and all the staff was ready for our makeover .. Very neat.. clean ambience ..Well equipped studio and polite..helpfull and experienced staff.. Nice service
Priya Marne
Priya Marne
Hello I have done my basic advance skin and hair diploma course at Kalyani umrani ma'am It was a great experience, I got to practice a lot. New techniques are taught in the institute. The salon staff is very nice..... Thank you kalyani ma'am ♥️🥰
Shrruti Patole Clarence
Shrruti Patole Clarence
End of A long event day and still the make up look was so fresh 😍 Hats off to Kalyani Umbrani and her team of talented girls!!!!!
Shubhangi Bhagwat
Shubhangi Bhagwat
Nice make up and grateful team work
Dr.Prachiti Punde
Dr.Prachiti Punde
Amazing organised work wherein prior screening & looks were discussed for our event Bizqueen where makeup of 30 participants & 15 onboard guests was done…entire makeup team was guided before event and during event it all went super smooth service also makeup lasted long . Looks were perfectly matched as per the dressing & personality of various entrepreneurs Thanks to Kalyani Umrani & entire team💓💓💓
perpetua fernandes
perpetua fernandes
Loved the services. My makeup transformation for the bizqueen pageant was awesome. Very cooperative and polite staff.
Sonali Saripalli
Sonali Saripalli

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