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CIDESCO Makeup Courses

Why Impression International Academy is considered
best for Cidesco Course in Pune

As one of the world’s most prestigious qualifications for Aesthetics and Beauty Therapy, CIDESCO Diploma is represented in more than 65  countries, thereby being a compelling opportunity for folks who wish to pursue their global passion for fashion and photographic makeup. This CIDESCO completes 75 glorious years of imparting professional education in beauty, spa, makeup and body therapy in the year 2021-2022. By completing a CIDESCO course you are eligible to work both in your own country and internationally. If you are wondering which institute you should choose for completing CIDESCO Diploma in Media Make-up then read on to know why Impression International Academy – an accredited CIDESCO school –  is the best choice for you.

You will get a complete make-up kit with the best and original quality products.

CIDESCO Media Make-up Diploma is purely a make-up diploma but you will learn 30-35 hairstyles (bridal, fashion, and regular) exclusively taught only by Impression International Academy.

You will get the entire hair kit for practice that includes all the hair equipment/gadgets like hot rollers, blow dryers, crimping machines, and tongs for practice and exams.

Saree styling techniques are not part of the CIDESCO course but you will learn a variety of draping techniques exclusively at Impression International Academy.

You will have access to a comprehensive make-up kit and hair tools for outdoor shoots too and we will support you to make an attractive portfolio.

If you are busy managing a salon, family, and college studies we offer flexible batches – 2, 3, and 6 days a week – suiting your needs.

We believe in keeping our best foot forward and are the only institute in India with a Learning Management System (LMS) through which you can watch, revise and revisit step-by-step tutorials of bridal make-up, theory, and practical lectures anytime from any location.

Let us see how you can save money, time, and effort. You will save double if you join Impression International Academy for CIDESCO Course since we provide all essential items including the make-up kit and hair equipment kit to our students in the beginning, unlike other academies that ask them to invest in products and equipment for exams during middle stages of learning. We prioritize students’ comfort so 80% of the things are provided by the Impression International Academy. Only 20% of the things have to be carried by students only, like their kajal sticks, brushes, and hygiene kit to class as a precaution against Covid-19. You can keep your make-up kit and hair equipment at the academy so there is no obligation to carry heavy kits to class every day.

Students get a chance to work for fashion shows, beauty pageants, and photo shoots to build a striking portfolio with the academy’s kit and tools.

At Impression International Academy we give students the freedom to practice their art and show it to the world. We allow them to click photographs and build their social media networks.

We introduce you to the following array of products in our 6-day masterclass – NARS Cosmetics, Bobby Brown, Natasha Denona, Charlotte Tilbury, Gucci Foundations, Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez, Urban Decay, Temptu Airbrush, Victoria Secrets, MAC, Tarte – and many more! The list keeps becoming bigger with new products coming into the market every now and then. We teach you to cut crease techniques, Brazilian eye techniques, halo eye techniques, reverse foundation techniques, etc. Other academics don’t intend to teach you about the brands but at Impression International Academy students will get knowledge about and exposure to all these international products including the AirBrush kit so that they are ready for real-life work life in the beauty industry.

The academy also has Doctors on board who give lectures to students for a better understanding of anatomy, physiology, allergies, and reactions to the skin so that they can learn advanced skills to create professional looks in their respective careers.

Director Kalyani Umrani who is a CIDESCO graduate herself has been in this field since 1996. At Impression International Academy she exposes students to hands-on practice by letting them assist on bridal make-up and gives them her personal attention. Investing in an academy wherein the director holds 25+ years of experience is a more secure option rather than investing in a new teacher who has recently completed their studies.

Interested students get maximum exposure by working with Kalyani Ma’am in live bridal assignments.

A student doing a CIDESCO Diploma from Impression can start doing bridal make-up months before actually getting the certification. Unlike students of other academies who have to take additional hair and draping training, our students get this training in our CIDESCO package so that they are career-ready and ahead of other aspirants.

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Dive into the video to know about CIDESCO Media Make-up

Special Offerings by Impression International Academy for Cidesco


Impression International Academy

Other Academies


Quality products provided to students for practice, exams and outdoor shoots

Substandard products given with limited access

Hair Equipments

Hair dryers, Hair irons, Hot rollers, Crimping Machine, Tongs – provided to students by the academy for practice, exams and outdoor shoots

Hair equipment is not for practice, exams and outdoor shoots


30-35 bridal, regular and fashion hair styles are taught Impression academy

Only 5-6 regular hair styles are taught as per the CIDESCO requirement


9-10 saree draping styles are taught with practice even though draping is not a part of CIDESCO’s curriculum

Since draping is not a part of CIDESCO’s curriculum only very few institutions teach it as look and learn

Impression International Academy is renowned for its quality education, practical perfection and student’s growth portfolio. We focus on providing students with as much practice as possible.

At Impression, we provide all the products in a kit to our students. We are the only academy that equips students with quality products and the latest tools for-

Practice sessions

cidesco makeup academy in pune

Practical exams

Outdoor shows, portfolio building, and other activities

“Like all the ingredients are important to make a perfect cuisine, each product’s quality is important to create a flawless look.”
Top Beauty Academy
Kalyani Umrani

There are many institutes that promise you that they will give you a make-up kit for practice but their kits are very limited and substandard. For instance, they will provide students with their own products (that are not necessarily original and first-rate) just for practice and will ask students to bring their own supplies during practical exams. This means that students have to invest their money twice for pursuing one set of courses at other academies. Other academies believe that only students’ practice techniques are important but Impression believes that the quality of products is equally important. We provide Kryolan, Ferrarucci, Maybelline NYX, PAC, Forever 52, and Morphe for regular practice.

“We are aware that you want to commit to something worthwhile and genuine. The good news is that we are confident in our education practices. We challenge you to find another institute that will equip you with original branded products for practice, exams & portfolio, give lessons in 35 hairstyles with hands-on training, teach ideal draping techniques, and has an LMS system with all recorded lectures for unlimited access  – all at the same cost.”

Hairstyling is another practice that has been generalized by many local and seemingly exclusive institutes. At Impression, we teach you 30-35 different hairstyles from which you can always recreate more hairstyles. What does this indicate? In simple words, following a genuine passion and creating limitless possibilities. Once you enroll in the CIDESCO Diploma at Impression International Academy, we will also give you access to all superior quality tools required for hairstyling including – hot rollers, iron, dryers, and tongs. All the equipment is of superior quality and belongs to brands like Ikonic, HNK, Mr. Barber, and Babyliss. All the equipment, again, is provided for 

Practice sessions

Practical exams

Outdoor shows, portfolio building, and other activities

If you are studying in a country like India with diversity spread across the nation you ought to learn the different costume styling techniques for standing out in the market. We will train you in all types of costume styling including, but not limited to – draping Bengali, Nauvari, Rajasthani, and Gujarati saree. It is important to note that the CIDESCO course’s syllabus does not include hair and costume styling yet Impression International Academy has made flexible additions to the syllabus so that students can reap maximum benefits in their careers.

Impression is unique because we support our students in building their portfolios. When you begin a CIDESCO Make-up Diploma we are certain that you have big ambitions set in your mind and heart. Therefore, building a good portfolio will enhance your opportunities in the make-up industry. Impression sows the seeds of possibility so that you can reap the benefits later. Consider this: You want to start building your portfolio by creating a look for bridal make-up. You may be able to arrange the costume, jewelry, and model but Impression International Academy enters into your hopeful dynamic by offering all the prerequisite make-up products, gadgets, and equipment for hair. We are the only institute that helps students in gaining hands-on experience and creating the best portfolio for maximum employment and entrepreneurship ventures outside the four-walled classroom.

We upgrade ourselves and adapt to fit into the most recent market demands. We are the only institute in India with an LMS (Learning Management System) that is developed to record and store lectures so that students can get back to them and take references whenever required. This is a flexible mode of instruction for people who find it difficult to adjust the time for physical classes in their daily routine. The LMS contains videos on hairstyles, bridal looks, and theoretical lectures that enable the students to closely monitor tricks and techniques to deliver the best service to clients. So, even if you can’t come to class for one day there are more than 100 lectures for your reference. We teach from various reference books so that students get ample knowledge from a variety of sources.

“CIDESCO diploma is all about gaining knowledge and upgrading yourself.” And thus, Impression is dedicated in supporting you throughout the journey.
Top Beauty Academy
Kalyani Umrani

About CIDESCO Makeup Diploma Course At Impression Academy

In the modern world of diverse Makeup trends, finding a reliable institute for fulfilling your aspirations can be a troublesome task. So, why should you join the Impression International Academy?

Learn From An Educated & Experienced Professional who is in the industry since 1996

Impression International Academy’s Director – Kalyani Umrani – is a proficient CIDESCO course graduate who obtained her 1st CIDESCO qualification in the year 1999. She started her career in 1996 and found CIDESCO to be an encouraging qualification to further expand her knowledge. In addition to being a graduate of the CIDESCO Diploma, she has been a CIDESCO International Examiner and was recently chosen as CIDESCO Makeup Examiner. Kalyani Umrani’s professional competency is a promising prospect to choose Impression International Academy as your learning institute for CIDESCO makeup courses. We are an accredited CIDESCO school in Pune.

A Team of Specialists From Different Fields

Impression International Academy is a flourishing institute that believes in imparting thorough knowledge to students. Unlike other CIDESCO schools in India, Impression International Academy has a reliable team of professionals who specialize in their respective fields.

Kalyani Umrani herself gives lessons in theory to the students of the CIDESCO Course.

The academy has Media Make-up Experts with the technical know-how of photography and lighting skills.

The academy also has Doctors on board who give lectures on skin anatomy and physiology to students for a better understanding of skin allergies so that they can learn advanced skills to create professional looks in their respective careers.

Additional Training

CIDESCO Make-up Courses that are designed to equip students with Media Make-up education mainly focus on the make-up industry and include minimal hairstyles that are taught to students. We are the only Institute that teaches 30-35 hairstyles to our students and includes costume styling in our CIDESCO diploma. At Impression International Academy we consider real factors that prompt an individual to enroll in the course at first.

We believe that if a person is taking up the CIDESCO diploma in India and the majority of them want to work and build their careers in India then they should be trained according to the demand of the fashion industry and bridal make-up here. Thus, we include more skills than mentioned in the CIDESCO curriculum so that our students have complete mastery in their chosen field.

Watch the video by Kalyani Umrani to learn about the unique curriculum at Impression Academy

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CIDESCO Courses Training Process

The CIDESCO course is designed in a comprehensive way to impart quality education to students. The CIDESCO course commences by tutoring basic Make-up concepts like face contouring and application of foundation. It extends to teaching professional editorial make-up with mastery over artistic make-up knowledge. To complete the training successfully, a candidate has to complete 310 hours at any registered-professional CIDESCO school like Impression International Academy where they can explore and advance their creativity.

Refer to the video to learn about the online and offline course wherein Kalyani Umrani answers 21 questions related to CIDESCO

+91 99238 79448 , +91 9607002211

How long is the CIDESCO Media Make-up Course?

To obtain the CIDESCO Diploma a student must complete 310 hours of training along with 4 school examinations – 2 theory and 2 practical. After the completion of required training and internal exams a candidate becomes eligible to take the examination of  CIDESCO Media Make-up Diploma that consists of 3 parts:

Theoretical Exam
Practical Exam

What are the career opportunities after the CIDESCO Media Make-up Course?

One of its premier courses is CIDESCO Makeup Diploma that equips students with theoretical and experiential skills in:

This unlocks splendid opportunities to work in more than 65 countries. Therefore, if you are interested in obtaining a global diploma and international approach towards media makeup, the  CIDESCO course is your ideal choice.

The CIDESCO Diploma is a unique opportunity to fulfill your high ambitions in the fashion and bridal make-up industry. It allows students to take up various careers locally and internationally.

Work on a Cruise
Become a CIDESCO Teacher
Start your career as a Beauty Blogger
Open your make-up studio
Work with a
Make-up Brand

CIDESCO certification is recommended because of the above-mentioned opportunities and depends on an individual’s personal choice. If a person wishes to settle abroad and work internationally in the beauty industry, CIDESCO is their best gateway to the world of glamor. A person inclined towards make-up practices may also want to go abroad with their spouse with a  good career opportunity to a CIDESCO graduate worldwide and a CIDESCO diploma rapidly grows their career in a foreign country. It is a favourable diploma that helps graduates stand out while getting a visa and opens multiple doors in a world wherein they will be seen differently.

What is the cost of a CIDESCO Diploma in Media Make-up?

CIDESCO is an international educational institution in ZURICH, Switzerland. They have designed their curriculum in a way that imparts competent know-how of Beauty practices. Due to its diverse syllabus one module of the CIDESCO course costs between INR 1.5 lakh to 2.4 lakh depending upon your experience and expertise.

What is the CIDESCO Make-up Course Syllabus?

If you want to know more about the syllabus at Impression International Academy contact us today.

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