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Haldi / turmeric ceremony for brides

Cleanse your haldi COMPLETELY before make up. Use a good quality make-up cleanser with good quality wet wipes. The bride must carry all these things in her trousseau or checklist.

Many times make-up gets oxidized if it is done on face of haldi. It will look yellowish black in the photographs too.
Many times – a brush used by the make-up artist will carry the haldi in it and if it gets mixed with the product make-up artist is using, then it may ruin a good quality product. Product may catch fungus, turn yellow or sometimes red too.

So its inevitable to clean haldi from the face before any make-up.

To remove haldi form hands use a Medimix Soap. It’s an excellent remedy to remove haldi from the body quickly and easily. Avoid putting soap on the face. It will give a burning sensation. Avoid rubbing the skin of face especially – too hard. As it may cause redness or aggravate pimples.

Many brides who have sensitive skin are allergic to haldi/turmeric and their skin tend to breakout after haldi function. Sometimes people feel it’s a make-up reaction, but it may cause due to haldi/turmeric too.

Haldi ceremony and your skin cant take it? Shows rashes? Just add Moong lentils powder or Toor Dal powder or split Chickpeas ( Chana Dal) powder popularly known as Besan la ata.
In your Haldi. Keep 90% of this natural ata powders and just add 10% or minimalistic Pure Haldi powder for colour. This combination will tone down effect of haldi and not give stains.

Disclaimer – Check with your docter or skin specialist for allergies with any of the above ingredients before you use it.

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